Tybaldt Ulrich


Tybaldt Ulrich has been teaching partner dancing since the mid 90’s, and has had the good fortune to study with masters of WCS, Hustle, Carolina Shag, Lindy, Balboa, Zouk, Lambada, Argentine Tango, Ballroom, and Salsa. A champion in Hustle and WCS, and performer of many styles, he understands the skills which bring freedom to most dancers, as well as what makes each dance unique. Having a degree innEthnomusicology, with an emphasis on Ghanaian and West African diaspora music, he brings a deep understanding of musicality and musical structures. As a social dancer, he is committed to teaching solid partnering skills and adaptability (kindness) to social or performance dancing.
Beginning Hustle will start you with the rhythms and essential structures to make your base solid
Advanced Hustle explores the playful side to give you freedom and style.
Well be playing with rhythm, developing common moves into more interesting variations, and encouraging musicality and conversations within the partnership

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