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Competitor's Membership

$ 750 Monthly
  • Unlimited Monthly Practice (value $175/month)
  • Complimentary Monthly Home Locker (value $30/month)
  • Early Bird Studio Access 8am
  • Roots of Rhythm and Power Rounds (value $200/month)
  • Latin Technique Class (value $120/month)
  • Rhythm Technique Class (value $120/month)
  • Smooth Technique Class (value $120/month)
  • Standard Technique Class (value $120/month)
  • TOTAL VALUE $900


$ 249 per Person
  • Monthly Unlimited Group Classes

Out of Town Membership

For Professionals
$ 150 Per Person
  • 3 Practice Day Passes
  • 12% Discount at our Preferred Hotel Vendors

Monthly Unlimited Practice

$ 175 per Person
  • Practice Time Between 9AM and 8PM

Practice Day Pass

$ 75 per Person
  • Practice Time Between 9AM and 8PM

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