Private Lessons

Start Dancing today with private ballroom dance lessons ~ just walk in the door and we'll take care of the rest!

private lessons
private lessons

Work one-on-one with your instructor to create an experience that matches your personal needs and goals, including:

  • developing a new hobby
  • preparing for an upcoming event
  • getting ready to dance successfully with all your new dance friends
  • experiencing the excellent physical benefits of dance including improved muscle tone, cardiovascular stamina and balance
  • developing greater confidence
  • experiencing more joy in life through dance!

Lessons are available 7 days per week during the studio’s open hours and can be scheduled at your convenience. No experience or partner necessary – we can accommodate absolute beginners through professionals!

We offer a 30 min, Introductory Private Lesson for just $39 to make it quick and easy for you to get started. Book now and feel the benefits even sooner! Ready to get started?

There are so many reasons to dance and so many benefits! What people are saying about private lessons at EPA Dance Studio NYC:

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"Warm and welcoming atmosphere that is encouraging, knowledgeable and inspiring"
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"Highly recommend EPA - they are easy to work with, easily accessible in Manhattan, and a huge thanks to our instructor for such an amazing and fun experience!"
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"This was my first time going to this particular dance studio ... the experience was extremely positive in every way...staff had it together, instructors were professional, great dance floor...all over a great vibe. I will be frequenting this studio very often for both classes and socials."
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"Amazing teachers. Very welcoming and helpful."
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"We found ourselves deeply engaged and slowly, slowly absorbing the pulse and spirit of the dance. Our instructor's zeal transformed these sessions into a true source of pleasure and fun for us. Double thumbs sky-high for EPA Dance Studio NYC...thank you!!"

Ready to jump in? Check out our prices! 

One-on-One lessons with our Dance Club instructors. This is the best way of learning for rapid improvement. 

For info on private lessons with AIR Instructors, click HERE.

Private Lesson FAQ’s

Do I need a partner?

No! Many students start taking lessons on their own and many start with a partner. Either way we’ve got you covered. If you do not have a partner you’ll dance with your teacher and all their attention will be focused on you. 

If I bring my partner is there an extra cost?

No! The private lesson price is the same whether one or two people take the lesson. We can also accommodate larger groups at an additional cost. 

Is it appropriate for absolute beginners to take private lessons?

Yes! In fact we recommend that you start with private lessons so that your instructor can create a personalized program and develop a class schedule that will be perfect for you. Private lessons help you learn more efficiently by eliminating guesswork.

How many lessons will it take until I’m great at the dance I want to learn?

It depends! At your introductory lesson we will learn more about your goals and how you learn and can give you a better idea at that time. But dance is truly an incredible journey – when you start it is often best to keep an open mind about the process of learning itself. Everyone learns at their own rate and the rate at which you learn is perfect! For best results we recommend taking two lessons per week to start out. 

Can you accommodate high-level and professional dancers?

Yes! As the largest studio in Manhattan, EPA Dance Studio has vast resources of the best dancers and coaches to help you reach your goals. 

What should I wear to take private lessons?

What you wear is actually a very important part of your learning. For your first class wear clothes that are comfortable and make you feel fabulous. Once your goals become more clear your instructor will guide you as to what to wear.

Do I need special shoes?

True dance addicts eventually turn into dance SHOE addicts! Depending on your goals it may be beneficial to invest in a proper pair of dance shoes. However, it is very important to make this purchase with the guidance of your instructor to avoid getting something that won’t work. For your first class wear comfortable shoes you already own that allow you to move easily across a wood floor without feeling too “sticky” – for instance, sneakers are generally not ideal due to too much traction. The shoes should also stay securely on your foot so flip flops and slippers do not work. If you’re unsure, socks are always a great backup plan on your first class!

I would like to learn a specific dance. Will my introductory lesson focus on it?

The introductory lesson is a chance for your instructor to understand your goals, movement and learning style better in order to personalize subsequent lessons to you perfectly. In order to do that, they will use their best judgement as to how to conduct the lesson. However you can certainly expect your desire to learn a specific dance to be addressed!

Which dances do you teach?

Pretty much every partner dance style you can imagine! Just ask us and we will connect you with the perfect instructor for you.

Ready to dance? Jump in – we promise you’ll love it!

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