Salsa Open House with Talia & Franck

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Event Date: February 3, 2022

Join our Salsa Department for a fun Open House at the new Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine Dance Studio! New York Salsa on 2 is the most popular Salsa style in NYC and has gained popularity all over the world. On 2 Salsa is danced in a slot, with accent or break step on beats 2 & 6, as opposed to the more circular style on Cuban or Colombian Salsa on 1.

Our Open House includes:

6.30pm beginner class with Valentina – fundamentals of social salsa on 2, including shines, turning patterns and partner work.

7.30pm Intermediate Salsa with Adriel & Talia – ideal for Salseros looking to improve their repertoire and learn more challenging shines, turning patterns and partner work.

7.30pm All Levels Shines with Franck – to get you moving to a medium to fast tempo Salsa music while learning fancy footwork and exciting solo combinations.

8.30pm Live Music and Salsa Dancing

$25 open house for 2 classes and party
$20 only for the party